Odd Sensation

She crawled out of bed one morning,

With her mouth wide open yawning.

Staggering from the bedroom,

She crawled into the bathroom.


She looked forward to a great day,

One filled with games to play.

With WW III taking place in her tummy,

Just to tell how much she was hungry.


He looked angry, leaning against the face basin,

He said, don’t be scared, your time won’t be wasted.

Are you ready?

You have to keep steady.


You must open wide,

To really enjoy the joy ride.

Her heartbeat was as loud as a drum,

She was in for the long run.


He rose up and reached for her lips,

Reminding her of the safety tips.

He cautiously slid inside,

Her eyes watered as she cried.


He went in and out, down and up,

Sometimes so deep, she’d almost throw up.

He went side to side, round and round,

Occasionally so intense, she made a frown.


Oh, I love it when it rubs against my pink flesh.

That’s the beginning, you’ve felt nothing yet!


As he reached his climax,

She rejoiced as she didn’t collapse.

As the creamy liquid ran down the side of her mouth,

She literally wanted to shout.


He slowly pulled himself out,

Leaving a great sensation in her mouth.

Look at that disgusting white stuff.

Her experience has been rough.


He complimented her on a job well done,

She must’ve really had some fun.

Oh isn’t it great to see?

The joy of brushing your teeth.



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