A Black Rose Blooms At Dawn

Feelings of worthlessness engulfs my optimism as I lay lifeless on an antiquated couch, pondering on my self-worth.

Disappointment engendered by my failures in life lingers in my thoughts, as I question my purpose on earth.

Botched efforts to distract myself serves as temporary relief, but reality re-emerges—dousing what’s left of my oxygen-deprived flame.

My pericardium struggles to uphold my heart—it is heavy and filled with regrets. Arteries are crying; bleeding out the shame .

Veins erect like fibrous roots leeching on scarce nutrients. My life is deficient—hopelessness has devoured my aspirations.

I keep climbing mountains with rugged terrains —covered with sharp rocks, thorns, and shadowed by clouds of tribulations.

Storms are poised at the mountain’s peak, waiting to trigger a landslide—to mimic the pattern of my life.

Conspicuous remnants of my blood trails the path I’m treading—I am wounded. I am numb to pain, so discard the knife.

A despondent soul cries out, only to be answered by echoes of sorrow. I walk a road of emptiness, hoping to fill a void.

My eyes are like thirsty sponges, absorbing every tear drop that tries to escape. My soul dries out, I am becoming a droid.

My saliva crystallizes in my throat—an attempt to swallow feels like swallowing broken glass.

I long for a drink of purpose—a tall glass of hope. It is imperative that I find an everlasting river to quench my thirst, for I must lead others to the source to take a drink.

© Jenoy Merchant and merchantwritesagain.wordpress.com, 2018



  1. This is an exceptionally powerful and eloquent poem. It is also notably well-crafted. I can tell you put considerable passion into composing it. It immediately makes me want to read more of your work.

    From your “About” page, I gather you’re relatively young, my friend. I think youth is a fairly hard time for most of us because so many of us are poised between feeling a need to discover who we are and find a purpose in life, and actually discovering who we are well enough to indeed find a lasting purpose.

    Stick with it, Jenoy, it is quite obvious from your bio and even this small sample of your writing that you’ve got at least a gift or two. It gets better.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Paul. I am truly humbled at your encouraging thoughts. It’s not often you encounter others whether virtually or otherwise, who genuinely support your interest.

      I hope you’ll find my other pieces just as great if you ever come across them. We all look forward to the better days. Life is a journey of learning and I’m along for the ride.

      Liked by 1 person

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