I Found Home on an Unfamiliar Street

I retrieved the house key from beneath the limestone rock in the daisy garden, just like I did after school each day since moving to this new house. I recognized the rock-type due to its striking resemblance to one I read about in my earth science textbook. As I proceeded to unlock the door, I paused and looked down at the pockets of my khaki pants. They were brownish-red from repeatedly shoving my hands in them while playing a few games of marble. I thought about hiding the dirt stains on my pants to avoid being disciplined, but I know trouble too well to be scared—it is my life. I finally unlocked the door, but all the blinds were closed, curtains drawn shut, and lights off.

As I reached for the light switch, the lights magically came on—I forgot they were motion-sensory. A group of people suddenly emerged out of nowhere, holding balloons and wearing birthday hats.

“Happy Birthday George!” They shouted harmoniously.

I stood in shock, holding on to my chest to prevent my heart from leaping out. It could have still escaped through my mouth, which in the midst of all the excitement, opened to an astonishing 360 degrees, yet letting nothing out—not even air. After a few seconds which seemed eternal, my breathing returned to normal.

As I regained my composure, I was greeted with hugs from the woman with whom I’ve been living since she picked me up off the street. She must have stared into my eyes for at least 5 minutes, before tears began flowing down her cheeks—they were tears of joy.

As her tears morphed into a big smile, she uttered, “Today is your birthday George, and mommy loves you.”

I was bewildered. It was preposterous that someone I’ve been living with for two weeks knows my birthdate—I don’t even know when I was born. This was the eighth family I’ve lived with, and each one assigned me a different birthdate.

“Who is my mother, where is she, and how do you know that she loves me?”

“George, I am your mother and I’ve always loved you.”

© Jenoy Merchant and merchantwritesagain.wordpress.com, 2018


      1. Yes, I will certainly do that. Your story was delightful. I hope you’ll stop by my blog too. Today’s posting is a little tough to read, I’m told. I love fiction, but today I wrote nonfiction.

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  1. Liked your writing style! Very nice and warm toned design.
    After seeing you blog, I will be adding copyright terms to my Blog as well.
    And once again thanks for pointing out that the follow button was missing on my blog. It’s up now 🙂 please do follow.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. I’m glad you like my writing style and that you’ve found useful information on my blog. Feel free to browse through my other flash fiction pieces and leave your thoughts, I think you’ll equally enjoy them.

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  2. I like the style of writing, it makes you feel eager to get to the next line to see what’s up. The twist at the end was also great. It makes you feel like there is a part 2 to this. Great job Jay

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  3. A warm and delightful story!
    I love your flowery, descriptive style matched with your interesting subject matter.
    Great job once again!

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  4. Awesome story! I look forward to reading more of your stories.

    Brief typo in this line, “This was the eight family I’ve lived with, and each one assigned me a different birthdate.” A fresh pair of eyes is always very useful 🙂

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  5. Wow! I must say I’m so proud of you, Jenoy. WJHS’s product, Ms Barrett and Ms Coombs would be amazed by your wonderful work. Your writing style reminds me so much of how Ms Coombs writes. I really enjoy this piece & will be reading a second time. The twist at the ending is beautiful 😍

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  6. Good read! I really liked where you went with it in the end.

    One thing I was wondering, and read a second time to try to understand, if he’d been picked off the street eight times, or if he’d been in foster parent type situations previously and then the streets?

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  7. Ah man, this one grabbed me in a special way right after i read the last sentence. Great read Jenoy! Just one question… when’s the book coming out? 🙂

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