Love Blows

Magnolia blossom danced to the rhythm of my heartbeat as they fell gently to the moist forest floor—it is spring. I watched in admiration as my secret lover’s long flowing dress swept over the petals, meticulously repositioning each one. The time is now—time for our love to bloom. There is one problem though—she won’t even look into my eyes. Sometimes she comes on to me so strong but retreats as soon as I try to hold her hands. I desperately want to kiss her, but she’s too shy and unpredictable. Her uncertain mood makes it difficult getting to know her.

She gets so angry when it rains, doing things out of her character. I wish she would give me a chance to profess my love to her. But she is too scared and prefers hiding. The only time I’ve ever seen her in a jovial mood, unbothered and relaxed, was the day we met on the enchanted beach hidden in the middle of the forest. She played courageously with the monstrous waves, while whistling a unique melody, long enough to hear the beauty of it, but short enough to keep you wanting more.

Maybe one day she’ll let me get close to her, stop hiding, and love me unconditionally. I’ll take her on romantic dates—long walks on the beach. Of course, touching is permitted on our first date—touch me everywhere. It’s nothing she hasn’t done before—after all, she is the wind.

via Daily Prompt: Forest

© Jenoy Merchant and, 2018


  1. Certainly a good read, I must say it was short, but that’s the point of short stories lol. I do look forward to reading your upcoming posts. 👍😀👍

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  2. I like the words you use to describe things cause they give you like a really vivid image. And it’s a very relatable situation that I’m sure most people have gone through/are going through.

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  3. The whole time i was thinking: is she the one afraid or are you? I was rooting for you to make a move! I kept reading anxiously and then, ahh *quick short breath*
    BEAUTIFUL – I went back to read it again 🙂


  4. I’ve just come from the First Friday post but I just had to reiterate here that your blog is absolutely stunning! i love your header image and the wood panelling in the background! Your posts are also really beautifully written! Keep it up! 🙂

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      1. Interestingly, that’s one of my favorite lines also. After re-reading I thought, that’s not a bad line you got there (I dialogue with my work sometimes). Haha. Thanks again for taking the time to read and sharing your insight.

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  5. Hello! You write very well! I love the ending and the poem’s sensuality. I could actually picture it all in my head! Thank you!

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  6. Full of suspense, I was here reading mesmerizing as I read along lol. Wasn’t boring, short and spicy. This really grabs my attention. I love the ending. Ms Coombs would be so proud of you. Keep it up.

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  7. I loved,loved (yeah twice) it!! The personification of wind in such an alluring way caught me off guard😁 Mostly the monstrous power of wind is told,so the subtleness worked really well for me.. All my best wishes!!

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  8. I’m getting addicted to your style of punch-climax short-stories! Half-way through the piece I pause and wonder what the twist would be, yet my curiosity trumps my patience and jumps through the words to get to the ending. I would happily read a whole big book filled with such one page stories and finish it in one go!


    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read. i am glad that you find my writing style intriguing. Maybe one day i will publish a book and have personal copy sent to you. Thanks again, I hope to keep enthralling your imagination with my work.

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  9. Still on my quest to reading all of your short stories but by far my favorite! Your endings always go out with a bang. Great read Jenoy, very thoughtfully written!

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